predictions of a well wisher

I saw one plastic bag with thousands of salted anchovies. Each one I picked out was unique, strange and beautiful; each was a mummified version of its own expressive posture.
Often we forget to look carefully, we tend to perceive en mass and see meaningful individual forms only as parts of a pattern.
In the pin-brooches installation, I have hand gilded and displayed 700 salted anchovies.

"Prediction of a Well-wisher" | 2013 |  Pin brooches |  About 700 hand gilded salted Anchovies, gold leafs, stainless steel | each fish 3-5 mm long | Photo credit: mirei takeuchi
Photo credit: mirei takeuchi
From the 2018 exhibition "In Motion" at gallery Froots, Beijing, China
"Fish a Wish" | 2014- | Glold-plated silver, stainless steel | about 50 mm long