Cordyceps Survivors

Cordyceps: To be born again and to give up our present life for it; that is the old formula for immortality. On closer inspection nature is full of immortal beings, it even seems impossible to discern a normal mortal being in it. A body that once moved back and forth on the forest floor comes to a standstill in order to give birth again. Quite unexpectedly and wonderfully, life is breathed back into it by a stranger, its old one withering away; now it adorns and is renewed, becoming another being. So what dies in this body and what lives on? This question also applies to us, as we also have to breathe life into a body and constantly live in the process of becoming, like guests in a dream.


Text by Sool Park, 2018

"Cordyceps survivor"  |    Brooch   |   2015   |   Paper, wood, color, silver, plastic, stainless steel   |  125X80X50 mm
“Reduction”    |  Ring  |    2014    |  Wood, Paint, silver, plastic, paper   |   100X70X70 mm
Untitled (Pieta) |  Brooch |  2015 |  Wood, color, graphite, silver, plastic, gold, gold leafs, stainless steel, copper  | 165X110X50 mm
"Occasional Figure Head" | Brooch | 2015 | Wood, color, silver, brass, plastic, stainless steel, copper  | 180X180X70 mm
"Cordyceps Survivor 4" |  Neckpiece |  2018 |  Wood, paper, paint, pearls, silver, plastic, nails, bio-resin, mica,  flock, hair, carborundum  |  180X75X50 mm
"Cordyceps survivor 3"  | Brooch |  2018 |  Wood, paper, paint, pearls, silver, plastic, brass, copper, stainless steel, flock |   70X160X50 mm
"Cordyceps survivor 2" | Brooch |  2015 |  Wood, color, graphite, paper, pearl, silver, plastic, brass, stainless steel, copper |  130X55X60 mm